Cool guy all ready to go!? 10 Gifts candidate for White Day

White Day is a popular event celebrated primarily in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China on March 14th.

It is a day for men to return the favor to women who gave them chocolates on Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated a month earlier on February 14th.

In this article, we will explore the origins of White Day and the meaning behind its name.




Origins of White Day

White Day was first introduced in Japan in the late 1970s by the National Confectionery Industry Association as a way to boost sales of marshmallows and white chocolate.

The holiday gained popularity quickly and soon became a widespread tradition across Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China.

It was in the late 1970s that the typical Japanese style of Valentine’s Day, in which women give chocolate to men to express their affection, took root. Today, some 40 years later, the types of Valentine’s Day chocolates have diversified.

It is not the difference in the chocolate itself, but the difference in the relationship between the giver and receiver, such as “honmei choko” or “giri-choko”.

There are various types of Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Honmei Chocolate

Chocolates given by a woman to a man as a confession of love.
It is the standard Valentine’s Day chocolate in Japan.

Giri choko

This refers to chocolate given by a woman to a man as a gift to a friend or colleague who is not her boyfriend.

Tomo choko

This refers to chocolate given mainly between women.
Recently, friends give chocolates to each other to enjoy giving to each other, rather than to a true love.

Ji chocolate

Refers to chocolate that is purchased and enjoyed by a person for himself or herself.
It is called “my chocolate,” “self-chocolate,” or “self-chocolate.
There is also a term called “Reward Chocolate,” which has a stronger nuance of rewarding oneself than these.

Fami Chocolate

Chocolates given to family members.
In many cases, Valentine’s Day chocolates are given to fathers, but famichoco also includes those given to family members other than the father.


White Day was introduced as a way for men to respond to them with a gift of their own.

It became more common for men to return the favor with gifts of equal or greater value than the chocolates they received.

Recently, these gifts include flowers, jewelry, clothing, and other personal items.

White Day has become an important day for couples, and many restaurants and hotels offer special deals and menus for the occasion.

The Meaning Behind the Name

The name “White Day” comes from the color of the gifts that are traditionally given.

In Japan, white is a symbol of purity, innocence, and sincerity, and is often associated with weddings and romantic relationships.

The name “White Day” was chosen to reflect the pure and sincere intentions of the men who give gifts to the women they care about.

The giving of return chocolates is a way for men to express their gratitude and affection towards the women who have shown them love and affection on Valentine’s Day.

10 recommended gifts for White Day

The following is a ranking of the gifts that *Isetan’s gift concierge has carefully selected for White Day, adding my own personal preferences and opinions.

*Isetan is a long-established department store in Japan under Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings, founded in 1886.

No.1 The ironclad gift for White Day! “Macarons”

Macarons are the most popular item during the White Day season.

One bite of a macaron will give you a blissful moment with its crunchy texture and gentle taste of cream.

Colorful macarons wrapped in a special gift box make the perfect White Day gift.

I also recommend adding a gift of tea bags in a cute package.

No.2 A special gift that looks great as a gift “Chocolates”

Colorful Chocolates will give you an uplifting feeling when you open the gift.

It is a great point to be able to taste a variety of flavors in each color.

The elegant sweetness of the ingredients is brought out in the flavors.

No.3 “Cookies” to give as a token of appreciation

Cookies, which come in a variety of sizes and flavors, are a popular White Day gift.

Stylishly designed cookies are also a good choice for White Day gifts for workplaces and friends.

No.4 Colorful and cute “Candies”

Pastel-colored Candies and individually wrapped confectioneries are White Day gifts that can be given casually.

Candy confectionery is a gift that lasts for a long time and is one of the most pleasant gifts to receive.

No.5 A gift that conveys your feelings! “Flowers” are a gorgeous gift!

Flowers and floral gifts that add color to life are gifts that convey your feelings.

Depending on the recipient’s lifestyle, choose a bouquet of fresh flowers or a low-maintenance arrangement.

No.6 “Cosmetics” convey a sense of style and are also very practical.

Cosmetics that can be used on a daily basis and look gorgeous are a recommended White Day gift.

Cosmetics that focus on care, rather than colorful makeup, which can divide tastes, are convenient even when you don’t know the recipient’s tastes.

I also recommend “Hand cream“, which is a popular gift for women throughout the year, “Bath salts” that bring blissful bath time to busy women, and “Candles” that envelop your favorite space with a pleasant fragrance.

No.7 Soaring in popularity! The “Financier” that people have to wait in line for!

Soft and buttery Financiers are popular baked sweets that are very satisfying.

Many popular and notable brands of financiers are individually wrapped, making them a great White Day gift for the workplace.

No.8 “Handkerchiefs,” a classic practical gift that is easy to receive

Handkerchiefs, a necessity in daily life, are one of the most popular gift items.

Since they are consumable, they are a gift that the recipient can accept without hesitation.

The petit price is also a nice point.

No.9 Healthy “Japanese sweets” that can be given to all generations

Wagashi” is a great sweet for White Day.

From classic, royal roadside wagashi to modern wagashi, you are sure to find a wagashi to suit your partner’s tastes.

No.10 “Jewelry accessories,” a representative gift for wives and girlfriends that will remain in a tangible form

Jewelry Accessories with a special feeling are a great White Day gift for your special someone.

Handbags and Wallets are also popular gifts.


How did you like it?

White Day in Japan is a part of Japanese culture that has evolved over time and has become an important part of the culture of love.

It is an opportunity for men to express their feelings toward women and to reciprocate the love they received on Valentine’s Day.

The name “White Day” expresses this pure and sincere feeling, and the custom of giving a wide variety of gifts is still an important event today.

So, Let’s find a thoughtful gift for your loved ones this weekend!