This blog aims to contribute to the growth of the Japanese economy, including inbound demand, by sending the attractions and culture of Japan not only to the Japanese but also to foreigners.

Japan has a wide variety of attractions.

Using my experience working for a travel agency and being born and growing up in Japan, the new charms of Japan I discovered while living abroad for 16 years, and my cross-cultural knowledge gained from traveling to 24 foreign countries, I will provide easy-to-understand information in bilingual Japanese and English in categories such as Japanese customs, traditions, culture, lifestyle, places to visit and cuisine.


My 20 Attractions of Japan

  1.  Japanese food culture
  2.  Nature, scenic spots, and superb views
  3.  Beautiful cherry blossoms and cherry blossom viewing
  4.  Mount Fuji
  5.  Safety and security
  6.  Cleanliness of the country
  7.  Shopping
  8.  Shrines, temples & Japanese gardens
  9.  Hot spring & Sento
  10.  Unique Japanese Accommodations
  11.  Traditional Japanese Culture, Arts & Crafts
  12.  Festivals & Seasonal Events
  13.  Outdoor Sports & Screaming Experiences
  14.  Sumo & Sports Games
  15.  Anime, Manga & pilgrimage to sacred places
  16.  Theme parks, entertainment spots
  17.  World Heritage, places with a sense of history
  18.  City walking, architectural walking
  19.  Railroad & Transportation Network
  20.  We Japanese


Now, embark on an exciting and immersive adventure to discover the charm and cultural heritage of the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan!